31 iPhone Applications With Source Code

There are plenty of different places to get a mobile application designed. The problem is that they’re quite expensive. You might be able to figure out how to create your own, but it will probably look very basic. Instead, a good mobile application development software can make it even easier, so that you can build great looking apps all by yourself.

The Mobile design Starter Kit includes all the themes and scenarios you need to build whatever app you want. There are customizable and standard files that allow you to sell or offer anything you want through the kit. Everything is there, so once you spend the money, you can create as many mobile apps as you want – and even sell the apps if this is your thing.

31days.png AppsAmuck.com presents “31 Days of iPhone Apps.” Development team iPocketApps.com set themselves the challenge of building 31 unique iPhone apps in 31 days (October 1-31) and released the source code for each of them.

If there’s an ideal repository of code for new iPhone developers to look at while building up their skills, this is it. Each day’s app is openable directly in Xcode – ready to play with and learn from.

Apps include:

  • Minutes to Midnight – A basic LED style countdown to midnight. This page includes a basic step-by-step guide.
  • Bonfire – An animation of a fire.
  • Reaction Time – A very simple game that tests your reflexes. Shows you how to use image views, UI buttons, and NSTimer objects.
  • Speed Dial – A demonstration of interacting with the phone features of the iPhone.
  • MyGoogle – Shows Google.com in a UIWebView with no navigation bar or toolbar. Useful if you want to build an SSB.
  • ZipWeather – Looks up weather conditions by ZIP code. Shows the basics of downloading data with NSURLConnection.
  • iDrum – A basic “tap to play the drum” app. Shows how to play sound effects.
  • Password Generator – A basic password generator. This is actually sold on the iTunes App Store. The code shows how to skin buttons and put many standard UI controls to use.

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