Apple bans Apps that integrate with Dropbox.

Dropbox is probably the most used way of transferring documents between different Macs and iOS devices. What makes the service great is the fact that  all kinds of iOS apps — task managers, word processors, and even games — use Dropbox to send your data to the cloud so that you can access it on any of your devices.

Now however developers of exactly these Apps are announcing that their apps are being rejected by Apple, simply because they link to the Dropbox website.

According to the developers the problem lies in the fact that  Apple doesn’t like it when iOS apps allow users to purchase additional content without going through iTunes. According to CultofMac “The problem with some apps using the Dropbox SDK is that when a user doesn’t have the official Dropbox app installed, they link directly to the Dropbox website. Here, users can upgrade their Dropbox storage without giving Apple its cut, which isn’t allowed”.

The good news is, Dropbox has confirmed that it is working with Apple to rectify the problem. In a statement to AppleInsider, the company said:

Apple is rejecting apps that use the Dropbox SDK because we allow users to create accounts. We’re working with Apple to come up with a solution that still provides an elegant user experience.



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