Apple releated crime rates in NYC increasing 10x faster than general crime rates

If you live in the Big Apple, New York City, then this might be bad news for you. According to a new report released by the NYPD (via Gothamist) crimes in NYC that are Apple related have increased more than 40% since January 1, while the general crime rate has only increased by 4%.

According to Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly and the NYPD, they have recorded 11,447 incidents involving stolen Apple products, while 3,280 such incidents were reported in 2011.

Gothamist provided some of NYPD’s numbers showing how Apple related crimes contributed to crime by category this year:

- 204% of the 1% in overall increase in burglaries, an increase of 250 burglary incidents overall v an increase of 511 incidents in which Apple products were burgled;

- 160% of the 4% increase in robberies overall, an increase of 606 robbery incidents overall v an increase of 968 incidents in which Apple products were robbed;

- 69% of the 9% increase in grand larcenies overall, an increase of 2,600 grand larcenies overall, of which 1,803 involved Apple products.

The NYPD has even made a PSA video warning people to watch out for their belongings.

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