How Much Are Contracted iPhone Developers Earning? $100-200 Per Hour

moneymoney.png Last week, Raven Zachary wrote Turning Ideas into iPhone Applications, a post about the “significant gap between individuals with ideas and those who are actually capable of turning the ideas into iPhone applications.”

Zachary notes that the supply of iPhone developers is significantly lower than the demand – primarily because the iPhone is still a “hot” and new platform – and that the going rate amongst developers he knows is at least $125 an hour – with several booked out for months at a time at $200 an hour. It’s anecdotal evidence but hardly surprising. In the comments, however, a couple of responders claim that they charge $50-$55 an hour but are very keen to find higher paying clients. Despite this, it’s natural that any developers who can command a higher rate in the near future will do so because of the current excitement around the iPhone.

My advice is twofold:

You want an app developed. If you want an application developed and $100 is too rich for your blood, work hard to find cheap and reliable developers (there are some around, but they won’t be the “top guys”) or wait six months when the most lucrative work will be starting to dry up..

You’re a developer? If you’re a developer right now, consider putting your rates up if you fall underneath this band.

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