This Week In iPad News

When we started putting together this week’s This Week column the iPad news overshadowed everything else. So we’ve decided to dedicate this week’s column to noteworthy iPad items.

As promised, Apple released an updated SDK, along with an iPad simulator, HIG, sample applications, programming guide and documentation on producing universal applications.

iPad Big Picture John Gruber on Apple’s meta-messagaing in the announcement event and the importance of the A4 chip.

Future Shock Fraser Speirs provides some perspective on the anti-iPad faction of technological sophisticates.

Good conversation in the comments on our own iPad: What Developers Need To Know

Walt Mossberg’s First Impressions of the New Apple iPad

The iPad Is Like Holding The Future. But Only Because I Graduated From iPhone School.

Is Apple Evil Aaron Swartz on Apple embracing and extending its gatekeeper role.

Both Nick Dalton, in his iPad – First Impressions piece, and Noel Llopis, in his Figuring Out The iPad piece, observe that the session length for an iPad will be very different — longer — from an iPhone. Lots of other gems in these pieces, particularly for devs.

Multi-Resolution Device A blurb by Jeff LaMarche enable apps to run at fullscreen

The iPad Is The Gadget We Never Knew We Needed

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