This Week in iPhone & iPad News – March 5/2010

The big story this week: Apple filed a patent lawsuit against HTC. Some of the coverage includes:

Engadget’s Apple sues HTC for infringing 20 iPhone patents

The Register’s Apple turns the flamethrower on Android

Wil Shipley’s Open Letter to Steve Jobs

This week’s yanked from the store apps include: WiFi Detectors

Other news:

Virgin America Dumps Adobe Flash for iPhone Users In order to allow iPhone and future iPad users to check in for flights using the Virgin America website, Virgin has decided to remove all Flash content.

Netflix Gauging Interest In an iPhone App Netflix has recently sent out a survey to subscribers asking how likely they would be to use an iPhone application to view movies via Netflix streaming.

Cross-Platform Mobile Gaming Gaining Traction In what is surely good news for mobile developers, certain mobile gaming companies are working on developing multiplayer games that will work on both the Android and iPhone devices.

First Google Buzz iPhone App Released While it may not be better than the mobile version of Google Buzz via Safari, “Buzzie” is one of the first Google Buzz iPhone applications.

Apple Features IGF Mobile Finalists on iPhone App Store There is a new section on the front page of the iTunes App Store listing the nominees and finalists in the 3rd annual Independent Games Festival Mobile competition.

Apple to Offer Developers Simple Tools for Monetizing iPhone Apps Based on a recent Apple job posting, people are speculating that Apple is planning on providing native iPhone SDK tools for monetizing applications.

Announcing iPadDevCamp With all the interest in the upcoming iPad device it’s no surprise that there is already an iPadDevCamp being announced to bring would-be iPad developers together.

Mac Dev Program Reduced to $99 While not directly related to iPhone development, it is worth noting that Apple has revised its Mac Developer Program to be a single $99/year charge while eliminating the various tiers such as select and premier membership. However, this doesn’t include hardware purchase discounts or free entry to WWDC as one commenter points out.

Three Guys to Make iPhone Game in 24 Hours – Live! As I write this, the people over at are planning on broadcasting their attempt at developing an iPhone game in 24 hours live starting on March 6th at 9:00AM EST.

iPhone Tech Talk World Tour 2009 videos The iPhone Tech Talk World Tour 2009 videos are now up (login required).

Unity iPhone 1.6 Unity has just released an update to Unity iPhone which includes reducing the size of your binary by up to 25%, .Net 2.1 support, and more.

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