This Week in iPhone News – August 7/2009

iPhone Application UI Design Patterns Great discussion on how best to design your next iPhone application by following these UI design patterns.

Environment Mapping Demo with OpenGL ES 1.1 Check out Noel’s environment mapping demo which is taken from his upcoming book iPhone SDK 3.0 Projects.

iPhone Dev: The Honeymoon is Over Thoughts of a well known Flash developer after he spent the last 6 months developing for the iPhone.

Apple: Secrecy Does Not Scale A discussion on how Apple should improve in the future with regards to secrecy as its products become more and more prevalent in society.

Apple and Gaming – The New Growth Story An overview of Apple’s history with the game industry and how things have changed.

Apple Bans App Store’s 3rd-most Prolific Developer Details on a recent event where Apple banned a very prolific developer’s applications from the App Store.

Rumor: Netflix Streaming Coming to the iPhone I sure hope this rumor is true. With Apple’s recent HTTP streaming implementation on the iPhone, Netflix seems like a natural fit.

iPhone Dev Camp 3 Weekend Recap Summary of the events at this year’s iPhone Dev Camp at the Yahoo headquarters this past weekend.

The Definitive Guide to iPhone App Market Sizing A good analysis of how to estimate the market for your next iPhone application.

How to Build an Apple Push Notification Provider Server A great tutorial on how to use the new push notification features of iPhone 3.0.

Postmortem: ngmoco/Demiurge Studios’ WordFu A great way to learn about application/game development is to learn from other’s successes and failures.

Apple Balks, Finally Relents, at Possible User Queries of Dictionary App Apple has been getting a lot of flack lately due to its removal of certain applications from the App Store. Read more about what one application went through.

iPhone Background Apps without Jailbreaking or Push Note: this is for educational purposes only. A great read for iPhone developers concerned with the security of App Store applications.

Rejected by Apple, iPhone Developers Go Underground Details on the other side of iPhone application development: jailbreaking and Cydia.

Top 5 Tips for iPhone App Icon Design

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