This Week in iPhone News – December 4/2009

Paper Toss Developer Earns $125,000 in Monthly Ad Revenue Interesting details on the success of an iPhone game developer.

iPhone Credit Card Reader ‘Square’ Goes Live Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey’s new start-up is now open to trial users. With a hardware device you can make purchases with your credit card on the go with your iPhone.

Corona Now Shipping Ansca’s Corona platform, a toolkit for making Flash-like apps for the iPhone in Lua, is now shipping.

Jailbreak + a Wii remote + a video out hack posted here = gaming console?

Apple is Rejecting Its Own Advice Juicy Bits tells the story of being rejected for using weak linking, Apple’s prescribed way of building binaries that use the new APIs for up-to-date phones and older APIs for not yet updated phones, in their new (now released) image steganography app SpyPix.

How to get a US iTunes account when you don’t live in the US Useful if someone sends you a promo code.

Is Apple Lowering the Boom or Dropping the Ball on Media Folder Access? Developers that previously used the DCIM folder to transfer files between apps and the desktop now running into app approval problems.

Security Firms Can’t Protect iPhone From Threats Since you can’t run 3rd party anti-virus applications on the iPhone, experts say more malware will be targeted for the iPhone.

iPhone 3.1 Spotted in Field Testing People are seeing a new iPhone model in the wild. Could it be the next hardware release?

App Rejections This new site compiles a list of reasons for why iPhone applications have been rejected via the App Store submission process.

Android Paid App Sales Figures A data point: #14 paid ranked travel app making $100-$150/day.

CocoaDev: Debugging Techniques While not a recent news item, I find this an excellent resource for Cocoa debugging tips.

Flash CS5 iPhone FAQ Everything you wanted to know about Flash CS5 and iPhone development.

Top 3 Marketing Tips for Beating the App Store Blackbox Advice on how to build a successful business developing iPhone games.

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