This Week in iPhone News – September 04/2009

Apple Has Officially Opened Up Chinese Market for the iPhone Apple and China Unicom have struck a three-year deal for the iPhone in China for an estimated 1.2 billion people market.

Xcode Tools for Snow Leopard Does Not Include iPhone SDK Tips on getting up to speed with iPhone development after you’ve upgraded to Snow Leopard. (iPhone Developer Connection account required)

AppReviews Take a look at this tool for iPhone and iPod Touch developers that allows you to track the reviews and ratings your application gets on the iTunes App Store worldwide.

Homemade for iPhone Accessories Program Homemade for iPhone licensing program for developing electronic accessories that connect to the iPod and iPhone.

Mobile Orchard Jobs Board Take a look at a brand new feature at Mobile Orchard: the free iPhone jobs and contract gigs board.

Customers Angered as iPhones Overload AT&T More testimonies to the growing pains AT&T is feeling as it shoulders the burden of being the exclusive US carrier for the iPhone.

Design Process of “Convert” iPhone App Watch this video to see all the iterations that the developers of the unit converter app “Convert” went through as they perfected the UI.

Early Registration Discount Ends Today Price goes up $200 tomorrow for Noel Llopis’ OpenGL for iPhone Programming Class in Denver later this month.

iPhone Dev Tools Great new aggregator of tools for iPhone development.

A Day in the Life of “FaceFighter” See what the developers of “FaceFighter” saw from a financial standpoint as they released their application on the iTunes App Store. See what it can mean if your application gets picked as the week’s “What’s Hot” app.

Gizmodo’s Essential iPhone Apps: Fall 2009 The .07% of the App Store that you shouldn’t live without, at least according to Gizmodo.

Exchange Rates for Apple’s International Payments Take part in this thread on the exchange rates for Apple’s international payments. (iPhone Developer Connection account required)

AT&T Announces MMS is Coming to iPhone September 25th It may be a long time coming, but AT&T has officially announced the date at which the iPhone will be able to send and receive MMS messages.

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