This Week in iPhone News – September 11/2009

Background Location Finds a Loop(t)hole On The iPhone Loopt strikes a deal with AT&T to provide “always-on location service” for its new iPhone application.

App Sales Machine Google App Engine based hosted app sales reporting. Free and OSS.

6 Flickr iPhone Apps That Yahoo Just Killed With the recent release of Yahoo’s official Flickr application for the iPhone, similar applications may need to innovate to stay relevant.

iPhone App Ranking Graphs and Daily Changes Keep track of your own application or track competitors with this handy website.

The New iPhone OS 3.1 Software Update With this week’s big Apple event, iTunes 9 and iPhone OS 3.1 were released. Take a look at what new features are now available for the iPhone with the OS update.

Why The iPod Touch Has No Camera Also with this week’s Apple event, it was announced that the new Nano product line will include a camera. However, the iPod Touch did not get one as expected. Find out why.

Apple Improves App Store Discovery With Revenue-Based Chart And Genius Support With the new iTunes 9 refresh this week came improvements to the App Store that affect the iPhone.

Noel Llopis’ Flower Garden iPhone app now has a lite version

Apple Patches 10 iPhone Bugs, 4 QuickTime Flaws 10 vulnerabilities for the iPhone have been patched with a pair of updates that came out yesterday.

iPhone OS 3.1 Now Enforces Exchange Encryption Policy – May Block Pre-3GS iPhones With this week’s iPhone OS 3.1 update, some iPhone 3G (not 3GS) users are reporting issues using Exchange due to server-side encryption policies now being appropriately enforced.

iPhone Developers See Sales Slump After App Store Changes With the new iTunes 9 update, iPhone developers need to be aware of how applications are being presented to users.

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