Xcode Objective-C Macros Cheatsheet For iPhone Programmers

Xcode provides short keyboard abbreviations, or macros, to save you keystrokes. This is similar to the “snippet” functionality in the popular TextMate editor.

The built in set include common directives, declarations, flow control, loops and other common text patterns you’re likely to key-in while programming iPhone applications.

To use a macro, enter the abbreviation, hit escape, and select the expanded text.

While the canonical list of the dozens on built-in macros can can be found in Apple’s Xcode Workspace guide, I’ve always found having a printed cheatsheet handy helps me get to that magical point where they come naturally, without even thinking about them.

To that end, I’ve created a handy single-page PDF containing the 34 macros you’ll use most often, organized and categorized for easy lookup. Enjoy!

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