Is HDR Worth it For Gaming?

Is an HDR Monitor Worth ItAre you in the market for a new monitor?

The chances are that you have heard the hype about HDR screens, and how they provide the best resolution for gaming.

Before you jump on the HDR hype train and invest your money in an expensive monitor, let’s see whether an HDR monitor is worth it.

HDR Explained

HDR TVs are already available, with thousands of customers snapping up the technology on its release.

So, what makes HDR so impressive?

HDR is an acronym for high dynamic range. HDR allows the monitor to display a full spectrum of colors and contrasts, giving the image more depth and tone, providing a realistic viewing experience.

As a result, the image on an HDR monitor is far more refined, showing more detail in the light and dark parts of the picture.

If you’ve ever watched a horror movie and found yourself struggling to make out what’s happening in the scene because it’s so dark – HDR can eliminate this issue and resolve the color and contrast issues with the image or video.

HDR is so realistic that the resolution in nature documentaries makes you feel like you’re standing on the plains of the savannah watching the animals in real life.

HDR brings your Blu-ray movies to life, providing a crystal-clear image with an uncanny resolution.

Some people complain that HDR appears too real, and they feel that it takes away from the mystique and Hollywood production of their favorite shows and movies.

It’s important to note that, if you want to utilize HDR, both the monitor and the content medium need to support the HDR format.

If you try and watch an HDR movie on a standard screen, it won’t have HDR resolution, and you won’t get the full HDR experience out of the content.

One of the major stumbling blocks with ordering yourself a new HDR monitor is a fact that many games do not currently support an HDR format.

Therefore, it’s not ideal when you consider the expense of the upgrade, versus the functionality of the equipment.

We think that buying an HDR monitor is okay if you want to future proof yourself against new advancements in gaming technology.

However, as we already know, tech advances at breakneck speed and the chances are that there will be new releases that offer improvements in HDR performance.

Furthermore, the price is likely to drop with time and you could save money by waiting.

HDR Monitor

Gaming with HDR

So, what about gaming with HDR. While we already know that most games don’t support this format, there are a few that currently offer HDR integration, and more games are coming out every month that support HDR.

Some games like the Rise of the Tomb Raider and Battlefield one feature HDR compatibility, allowing you to see greater detail in the dark areas of the game.

The graphics get an additional boost from the enhanced color spectrum, making the gameplay more photo-realistic. The graphics are crisp and clean, with no jaggies or stalling.

Photo-realism is a rising trend in the gaming industry, and we are noticing more releases featuring this tech.

We expect that HDR will become the benchmark for gaming in the coming years, but we don’t know if it’s currently at the tipping point where it’s worth investing into an HDR monitor just yet.

HDR Software and Hardware Requirements

When it comes down to powering HDR tech, you may be surprised to learn that it doesn’t require much extra GPU power.

Considering the upgrade on the graphics and gameplay on offer, we expected an HDR monitor to place an extraordinary demand on the graphics card.

However, our usage ticked up a fraction, but nothing like we expected to see.

Most AMD and Nvidia GPUs will support HDR, but make sure you have the right spec for your GPU, or you won’t be able to run the monitor.

Early versions of DisplayPort 1.4 and HDMI 2.0 are the minimum requirements to support HDR.

Older generation monitors also require a VA or IPS panel, since the TN panels do not support the HDR format.

When it comes to assessing software packages capable of handling HDR, we find that Windows 10, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, all support HDR.

Windows users need to enable the HDR setting in the display settings menu, and the option only appears if your screen is compatible with the HDR format.

Console users also need to enable HDR functionality through their systems settings.

Is HDR Better Than UHD or QHD?

When it comes to selecting resolution over HDR, you have to look at the power requirements to notice the difference.

HDR already increases your resolution and image clarity, but increasing the resolution of your monitor also helps to improve gameplay.

High-resolution monitors chew up plenty of system power, but they enhance sharpness, eliminate aliasing while providing the video or image with additional depth.

HDR enhances lighting and contrast, making the image appear more life-like.

Which Panels Support HDR? – VA vs. TN vs. IPS

Most modern monitors utilize either VA (vertical alignment), TN (twisted nematic), or IPS (in-plane switching).

All three options have their unique characteristics, but only VA and IPS support HDR, leaving TN out in the cold.

Other significant differences between the two panels include;

  • TN supports pixel response times as low as 1-ms, whereas IPS only goes down to 4-ms.
  • TN panels support refresh rates of up to 240-Hz, while IPS solely manages 144-Hz.
  • IPS features better color reproduction and wider viewing angles than VA panels.
  • VA is cheaper to purchase than IPS panels.
  • VA offers enhanced contrast, but color accuracy is not as good as IPS.

Therefore, we can conclude that IPS suits gamers that value visuals more than performance.

TN is for aggressive players that want the best, and VA is an excellent in-between panel that has the best of both worlds.

However, after reviewing all of the stats, we can say that going for an HDR setup might not be the best idea.

At present, no monitor includes HDR with 1-ms response time and a 240-Hz refresh rate.

Only TN panels support this type of high-performance and, and HDR is not compatible with this panel.

This conundrum presents a catch-22 situation, and it may put many gamers off of buying an HDR monitor.

Wrapping Up – Is it Worth Buying an HDR Monitor?

Our final wrap up of this review provides conflicting opinions.

Buying an HDR monitor depends on what you want out of your gameplay.

It’s quite reasonable to say that HDR is not going anywhere, and we can expect to see the technology advance in the coming years.

However, while game developers are slow to adopt HDR, we feel that it’s the way that the industry is turning.

So, would we buy an HDR monitor?

Probably not, we would like to see more offerings from the game developers before we invest our money into a new screen.

However, if you are a gamer that’s passionate about tech, and you can afford the price of the monitor, then why not?

We’re sure that there will be plenty of games coming soon, and buying an HDR screen will future-proof you against any changes.… Read the Rest

How to Install macOS on PC

Do you like the look and the features that come with the macOS? OK, you do, but you cannot buy a MacBook? Do not worry because we have got you covered.

Although you can install Apple software on your PC, it isn’t that easy, however there is another option. You can still install macOS with the help of some specialized tools.

(if you want to find the right laptop for a ‘hackintosh’ then take a look at some of these tried and tested hackintosh laptops)

However, before moving on, a word of warning — Apple’s license only allows you to install the macOS on a Mac.

How to do it

Essentially, there are two ways of doing this, but let’s first see how to do it with a virtual machine.

Virtual machine

Firstly, you will need a pirated version of the macOS — do not expect our help with that, though. If you prefer this option, then you will have to explore torrents on your own.

After that, you will need some software, such as VirtualBox or VMWare Fusion so that you can install it as a virtual machine.

However, the biggest problem is finding a version of the OS that would work without any hiccups.

Bootable USB drive

Here you will find out how to install macOS on a PC with the help of a USB drive.

The preparations

  1. Check whether your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit, which refers to the bit count. For macOS, you will need a 64-bit PC and an i5 or i7 Intel processor.
  2. Next, you will need a hard drive on which you have never installed a Windows OS. Also, make sure that you have at least 50gb of free space.
  3. Finally, you will need a USB drive (8gb of storage at least) and a Mac that you will use for downloading the operating system.

How to download the OS

First of all, you need to download the latest OS from your Mac computer, which you will find in Apple’s App Store.

Then, just simply type in ‘Sierra’ in the search box and download it. However, be careful since it will automatically start the installation process on your MacBook. Just press Command-q to abort the operation and check if it is in the Applications folder.

The installation tool

Moreover, the installation is worthless if you do not get it on your USB drive. For this, you will need software that will create the installation, for example, “Unibeast.”

It is a free app that you can get at However, before downloading it, you will need to register first. It is quite easy to use, so do not worry about that.

Formatting the USB drive

Afterward, you need to take the USB drive and look for ‘Disk Utility.’ Open the ‘Partition’ tab and make sure that one partition takes up the entire capacity of the drive.

After these steps, you need to complete the following:

Name: USB

Format: OS X Extended (Journaled)

Scheme: GUID Partition Map


Then you just need to format the drive and continue to the next steps.

Back to Unibeast

Open “Unibeast” that you have previously downloaded and select the appropriate USB drive. Keep clicking on ‘Continue’ until you reach ‘Select OS Installation,’ where you will choose ‘Sierra.’

When you reach ‘Bootloader Options,’ you will be able to choose between ‘UEFI’ and ‘Legacy’ boot mode. This particularly depends on the type of the motherboard that you have. If your motherboard is BIOS-based, then you should choose the ‘Legacy’ option.

Then, you will move on to the ‘Graphics configuration,’ where you will choose the option that best suits your graphics card. However, if the GPU supports ‘Sierra,’ you can skip this step.

Now all you have to do is wait. Still, you should bear in mind that the installation will last for an hour, so try to be patient. On the other hand, you can spend this time wisely. Here is how:

  • Disconnect all USB drives.
  • Remove internal hard drives.
  • Take out the dedicated graphics card (if you have one).
  • If available, connect the monitor to the DVI port.
  • Prepare the motherboard’s BIOS or UEFI.

You are almost there…

All you have to do now is to actually install the macOS on your PC.

First, you need to restart the computer with the bootable USB plugged in, and as it starts up again, press ‘Del’ on the keyboard several times. Then, choose the USB drive as a booting device; the installation will begin shortly.

  • Select the appropriate language and click on the arrow pointing right.
  • Choose ‘Disk Utility’ from the ‘macOS Utility’ window.
  • Click on ‘Continue.’
  • Go to the small arrow in the top left corner and select ‘Show All Devices.’
  • Choose the drive where you want to install the OS.
  • Click on ‘Erase’ and enter the following:

Name: feel free to brainstorm

Format: OS X Extended (Journaled)

Scheme: GUID Partition Map.

  • When the process is finished, click ‘Done’ and close the window.

After these steps, you will return to the ‘macOS Utility’ window. However, this time, you will choose the ‘Install macOS’ option.

After a few clicks on ‘Continue,’ you will be asked to choose the disk — choose the one that you formatted and press ‘Install.’ The installation will last for a few minutes.

Stay calm…

Please, do not be surprised when your computer restarts. Open the ‘Boot’ menu again and select the drive from which you will install the operating system.

Then, opt for the clean installation of the macOS and choose your ‘Country.’

Afterward, choose the keyboard layout and press ‘Continue.’ Also, be careful not to transfer any information to this Mac. Next, you will be asked to enable the location services.

It is best if you do not sign in, but do not forget to agree to the ‘Terms and Conditions.’

Fill in the appropriate information:

  • Full name
  • Account name
  • Password
  • Choose the time zone

When you reach the ‘Express Set Up,’ do not change anything and just press ‘Continue.’ It will take just a few moments to complete the installation.

The post-installation

Sadly, this is not where your work ends. Although your computer now looks ready-to-use, you still do not have sound or Wi-Fi enabled. For further configuration, you will need “Multibeast.”

Once again, you will find the necessary software at

When you run it, you will need to choose between the ‘BIOS’ and ‘UEFI’ boot mode. However, before doing any of this, you will need to know a bit more about your hardware, so feel free to consult a program such as CPU-Z.

Then, you will be asked to choose the appropriate drivers based on the components that you have. Upon completing these operations, select the ‘Build’ tab and click on the ‘Install’ button.

Afterward, choose ‘Agree’ and type in your username and password and click on the ‘Install Helper.’ You will have to wait for a few minutes until the installation is completed, which is followed by an automatic restart of your computer.

In addition, you need to know that this program does not have an uninstall option. If you would like to remove something, you will have to do it on your own. Just go to Library/Extension and uninstall the driver.… Read the Rest

The Rise of the Assault Bike

Assault-BikeThe assault bike is, to some, the ultimate torture machine – gruelling assault bike workouts push your physical limits to the max. When pedalling flat out, it leaves even the fittest of users without breath – but that’s exactly what some people want from their exercise machine! After all, what’s the point in exercising if you don’t have to exert yourself?

On this page, we’ll provide you with a brief overview of what an assault bike actually is, and why this exercise machine is becoming so popular. Once you’ve finished reading, you should be desperate to use this tough but effective machine in your exercise regime!

What is an Assault Bike?

Perhaps it’s first prudent to look at what a normal exercise bike is. These have settings that allow you to adjust the resistance, and therefore they can be set to accommodate anyone. What’s more, they look more-or-less the same as a normal bike, giving comfort throughout the time you spend exercising. An assault bike isn’t quite as forgiving though. There are no settings to adjust – instead, you get on, and start pedalling.

This might make the assault bike sound like an easy ride, but let us assure you, it certainly isn’t. Why? Because the resistance is created by the amount of air flowing through the machine, and the harder you pedal, the more air is used. This creates a massive amount of resistance, making a 30-second burst on an assault bike feel like 5 minutes on a normal exercise bike! Even the fittest of people generally use the assault bike in bursts, pedalling hard for 30 seconds, then giving themselves a short rest.

Unlike an exercise bike, the assault bike also features handles connected to the footpads, much like an elliptical. So, you’ll be working out your arms on this machine, as well as your legs. The result? The heart has to work twice as hard, and the calories burned are much higher than on a standard exercise bike. It’s no surprise to find that some refer to the assault bike as “the misery machine!”

Why is it Popular?

The assault bike is one of the most foreboding machines in any gym, and those who regularly visit the gym will therefore know that it’s very popular. This is because exercise enthusiasts are attracted to the most difficult workout, knowing that, while it hurts in the short-term, it will bring faster results than most other pieces of exercise machinery.

Assault bikes are also great for those recovering from injury, as they don’t place any undue stress or strain on the joints. Because of this low impact, many use them sparingly when trying to get over knee or ankle problems. Of course, you should always double-check with your doctor before resuming exercise after any injury though.

Finally, assault bikes manage to meet all three of the main things looked for by an exercise enthusiast, as they will help with weight loss, increase endurance, and add power to your limbs. A good trainer will be able to personalise a workout routine on the assault bike to suit your own personal requirements.

Buying an Assault Bike

While assault air bikes are most commonly found in gyms, it is possible to purchase them online, and there are a number of fantastic models to choose from. When searching for an exercise machine of this type, you should look at the features it offers, as well as the size – they can be large, so it is important to check some reviews to ensure it is suitable for your home. If you don’t have space for an assault bike you may have to get something smaller such as a folding exercise bike. The price will also almost certainly be something to consider, however there are many models on the market that come with very reasonable price tags attached to them.… Read the Rest

How to Use a Rowing Machine Correctly

When going to the gym, most people focus on the treadmill or the elliptical while neglecting or entirely overlooking the rower, i.e. the rowing machine.

Since this machine provides a number of benefits, it’s sad that so many people don’t incorporate it into their workout routines.

The truth is that a lot of people simply aren’t aware of the benefits this amazing machine provides. Apart from being the most efficient piece of gym equipment that builds muscle and burns calories at the same time, the rowing machine has a number of other benefits as well:

  • Rowing is one of the most effective aerobic exercises that will keep both your lungs and heart healthy.
  • You will get a full-body workout by using a rowing machine.
  • Rowing provides strength training and cardio workout simultaneously, allowing you to lose weight and build muscle at the same time.
  • A rowing machine is great for improving endurance, flexibility, and overall fitness.
  • Since it is low-impact, a rowing machine is ideal for people with joint problems.
  • The chances of injury are low.

So, if you are intrigued by all the benefits a rowing machine provides but you haven’t tried it before, keep reading. Below, you will find a guide to using a rowing machine properly. Also, you will probably start looking for a home rowing machine as soon as you learn all about it.

Starting rowing position

Starting Position

– If you are unsure of your current fitness level, set the resistance low for your first row. You can easily increase the resistance once you get a hold of how everything functions.

– Put your feet on the pads and secure them with straps. Make sure that the straps are tight enough; your feet shouldn’t move while you use the rower. However, the straps shouldn’t be too tight either.

– Slide to the top of the machine by bringing your knees up. Grab the handle securely, but don’t hold it too tightly.

– Start sliding to the end of the machine while pulling the handle with you. Keep your legs straight and your knees slightly bent so that they aren’t locked. Slightly lean back, pulling your hands all the way to your breasts while holding the handle right under your chest, with your elbows pointing down against your sides. At this position, you should begin your workout, as well as end it once you finish a full stroke.

The Catch

– Make sure that you are moving your arms first, and your upper body should follow. Also, pay attention to your back at all times — it needs to stay straight, not slumped. Your shoulders should be all the way back, and you should use your abs as you follow through. While extending your arms out, the position of your upper body will go from slightly angled backward to slightly angled forward.

– Once your arms start extending and your body leaning forward, you should bend your legs and slide your body forward on the seat. When you get at the machine’s top, your legs will be bent completely and your arms fully extended.


The Drive

– In order to slide back to the finish position, you need to use your feet first and push off. That way, your legs will straighten, your arms will remain extended, and your body will still be slightly leaning forward. This part focuses on your legs and core muscles the most, since it is similar to pulling the oars out of the water and propelling the boat forward.

– While still pushing through with your legs, start moving your upper body so that you can begin to lean back.

– Your arms will be the last body part to return to the finish position. While your upper body angles backward, you need to pull the handle and bend your arms, allowing the handle to end up touching the front of your chest again (just like in the starting position). You shouldn’t grip the handle too tightly; most of the power should be through your legs. If you use too much force to pull the cable, you might end up with painful hand blisters and back problems.

– Until you become confident in your skill, practice your stroke at a low resistance and without rushing. If it is easier for you, you can break the moves down: do arms-body-legs while pulling to the machine’s top and legs-body-arms while pushing back.

Why Choose a Rowing Machine?

Apart from being extremely beneficial and effective for both losing weight and building muscle and endurance, a rowing machine isn’t as expensive as other, more popular gym machines.

Furthermore, it doesn’t require a lot of space. That means that it is ideal for home gyms — you can store it upright in a corner after each workout. Even if you live in a small apartment or a house, or you have a lot of furniture, you will be able to fit a rowing machine.

One more thing — since a rowing machine provides a full-body workout, you won’t need any other piece of gym equipment. Rowing alone can help you get in shape and improve your overall health and fitness. Oh, and rowing is fun; you will love doing it.… Read the Rest