Assault-BikeThe assault bike is, to some, the ultimate torture machine – gruelling assault bike workouts push your physical limits to the max. When pedalling flat out, it leaves even the fittest of users without breath – but that’s exactly what some people want from their exercise machine! After all, what’s the point in exercising if you don’t have to exert yourself?

On this page, we’ll provide you with a brief overview of what an assault bike actually is, and why this exercise machine is becoming so popular. Once you’ve finished reading, you should be desperate to use this tough but effective machine in your exercise regime!

What is an Assault Bike?

Perhaps it’s first prudent to look at what a normal exercise bike is. These have settings that allow you to adjust the resistance, and therefore they can be set to accommodate anyone. What’s more, they look more-or-less the same as a normal bike, giving comfort throughout the time you spend exercising. An assault bike isn’t quite as forgiving though. There are no settings to adjust – instead, you get on, and start pedalling.

This might make the assault bike sound like an easy ride, but let us assure you, it certainly isn’t. Why? Because the resistance is created by the amount of air flowing through the machine, and the harder you pedal, the more air is used. This creates a massive amount of resistance, making a 30-second burst on an assault bike feel like 5 minutes on a normal exercise bike! Even the fittest of people generally use the assault bike in bursts, pedalling hard for 30 seconds, then giving themselves a short rest.

Unlike an exercise bike, the assault bike also features handles connected to the footpads, much like an elliptical. So, you’ll be working out your arms on this machine, as well as your legs. The result? The heart has to work twice as hard, and the calories burned are much higher than on a standard exercise bike. It’s no surprise to find that some refer to the assault bike as “the misery machine!”

Why is it Popular?

The assault bike is one of the most foreboding machines in any gym, and those who regularly visit the gym will therefore know that it’s very popular. This is because exercise enthusiasts are attracted to the most difficult workout, knowing that, while it hurts in the short-term, it will bring faster results than most other pieces of exercise machinery.

Assault bikes are also great for those recovering from injury, as they don’t place any undue stress or strain on the joints. Because of this low impact, many use them sparingly when trying to get over knee or ankle problems. Of course, you should always double-check with your doctor before resuming exercise after any injury though.

Finally, assault bikes manage to meet all three of the main things looked for by an exercise enthusiast, as they will help with weight loss, increase endurance, and add power to your limbs. A good trainer will be able to personalise a workout routine on the assault bike to suit your own personal requirements.

Buying an Assault Bike

While assault air bikes are most commonly found in gyms, it is possible to purchase them online, and there are a number of fantastic models to choose from. When searching for an exercise machine of this type, you should look at the features it offers, as well as the size – they can be large, so it is important to check some reviews to ensure it is suitable for your home. If you don’t have space for an assault bike you may have to get something smaller such as a folding exercise bike. The price will also almost certainly be something to consider, however there are many models on the market that come with very reasonable price tags attached to them.